Mojo was placed and returned to foster

javascript:void('','Photo1','height=660,width=778,left=20,top=100,screenx=200,screeny=100,scrollbars=yes')) Mojo had his appointment with the neurologists at Purdue and it was determined as”undetermined”. They felt his rear weakness was from lack of use as he was tied up and never got any exercise. Now that he is much more fit and has gotten so much more muscle in his foster home, he shows very few of his former issues except falling over. The vets think that he may just be clumsy. So he went to his new home…. for a week.

Mojo’s new owner was a busy vet student and it was quickly realized that his energy and needing exercise was not going to fit into her schedule as she had hoped. So it was decided that a home that had more time for him would suit Mojo better. He also proved that if left to his own devices he will take any opportunity to run off and a game of chase me begins.

Mojo will need a fully fenced above ground fence at least 5 foot high with his new home. We would advise no young children also because he does not realize his size and knocks toddlers over.

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