Trooper Update!

Trooper has been adopted into a wonderful home that is working with us on his continued plan of care!

We wanted to share a final update with all of you who have generously donated towards Trooper’s surgery, and inquired about him over these last couple of months.

Navigating Trooper’s treatment plan from planned surgery in August, to postponing the procedure in lieu of one more attempt at a less invasive procedure proved unsuccessful. During this time, Trooper found his wonderful forever home and has blossomed under the care and love of his new family.

On Wednesday November 4th, Trooper underwent the surgery he has waited so patiently for: bilateral TECABO procedures. The surgery was a difficult but successful one, and should provide Trooper with a pain-free life after all these years.

He is now back home with his family, and well on the road to recovery. Thank you to all who have asked about him, sent love and prayers along the way, and ultimately provided this gift for him.

We continue to be grateful for the support we’ve received.

Thank you again from all of us,
Heart of Michigan Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue




*Adopted* Sweet puppy seeks understanding new home


*Update* Bronco found his forever home with a loving family that met his needs! Thank you to all who inquired about this sweet boy.

This adorable, super sweet little guy is Bronco!  He is estimated to be about 18 months old. Bronco is great with other dogs, house trained, and loves to give kisses. This is an amazingly loving and affectionate pup! He is a small little guy currently at a thin 70 lbs. Bronco is very eager to please and food motivated. He would probably LOVE agility or Rally. Unfortunately Bronco was very mistreated by the children in his previous home and he can NOT be around kids. A good, experienced positive trainer could probably change this as he is very eager to please. Right now though, Bronco needs to be put in a separate room if children come to house. Due to his extreme fear of children, Bronco MUST got to a home with a fenced in yard. Adult visitors, Bronco adores and is happy to give snuggles and kisses.

Bronco is looking for a home with a fenced yard, no children and someone who would share his joy for life.  He is still very young will be required to take some positive training classes.
If you are interested in adopting a loving, devoted puppy please fill out an application on our website  Bronco is being fostered by Kalamazoo, MI but we do adopt out of state.  He is neutered, heartworm neg, and up to date on his shots.


Priscilla has Been Adopted!

Priscilla1.jpgThis gorgeous beauty is looking for a home that will love and pamper her like she deserves.  Priscilla ADORES people and her favorite thing is to have people pet her.  She is a sweet, out going girl and shows a lot of potential for being a therapy dog.  Priscilla loves everyone she meets, she is good with kids, dogs, and cats.  However, she is a dignified lady and will not tolerate a youngster trying to climb on her back and ‘getting fresh’.  Priscilla has entered her ‘golden years’ and is believed to be 7-9 years young.  She is house-trained and can stay loose alone in the house with out destroying anything.  She is currently a hefty 105 lbs, and will be healthier at 95 lbs.   If you are looking for a dog who is already trained, easy and just wants to be loved on all day, this is your girl! We would prefer Priscilla’s new home to be able to take her to work with them or be home with her most of the day. Priscilla will need a fenced yard.Priscilla2.jpg

Berner Baby in Rescue – Adopted!


Rudy has gone to his new home!

We just took in this adorable, outgoing, 12 week old baby boy.  He needs a dedicated home with someone who is around most of time (either retired or works from home) so that he can receive the love and time that he needs.  Due to his size and immaturity he would not do well with very young children.  We are looking for a home that is committed to taking puppy kindergarten and training classes with him and that understands the time and commitment a puppy needs.  Berner babies require a lot of patient training and socializing to grow up to be the amazing dogs we all know and love.   In return, this little guy will shower you with love and kisses.  He currently weighs twenty three pounds and is up to date on his vaccines.  He WILL  be neutered prior to adoption.    He will need a fenced yard.

If you are interested in this little guy please fill out an application.  We do adopt out of state but you will need to travel to Kalamazoo, Michigan to adopt him.

Berner mix Babies – All Adopted


Lullah and babies

All Puppies have been adopted!

We have a litter of beautiful Berner mix babies who were born on May 15th.  The mom is a wonderful, sweet, Bernese Mountain Dog and the father is a Mastiff/St. Bernard mix.  They will be ready to go to their new homes after they are 8 weeks old.  All the puppies will be fixed, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines before leaving and the adoption fee is $500.  These babies are being raised in a fantastic foster home, where they are receiving lots of love and socialization.

If you are interested in giving a forever home to one of these precious babies, please make sure you have the time and commitment a growing giant breed puppy needs.  They will need to be enrolled in puppy kindergarten classes to help them reach their full potential as amazing family companions.  Gilmore and Mackinaw are the two boys and the other six are girls.

We are beginning to accept applications for these babies.  They will be adopted to the homes best suited for them, not in the order that applications are received.

Panda Bear Mackinaw Holland Gilmore Crystal Clair Arcadia Arbor Rose

HMBMDRescue, Inc has changed addresses

The rescue has a new President. Our Fomer VP, April VanBuren is now in charge of the Rescue. Her contact information is below. This is where all e-mails, questions, and applications should be sent. We are here to answer any question you may have. We are proud to have her heading our program.

April VanBuren
18555 Warner Road
Decatur, MI 49045

Abby – Sweet Puppy is Now Adopted!

This adorable little girl is Abby, also known as Posie.  She is an extremely sweet and joyful 10 month old puppy who needs a loving home.  She is great with other dogs, cats and has been around children. Very young children would probably be too much for her.  This darling little girl has been afflicted with several orthopedic issues and needs a home who will be dedicated to helping her enjoy life to the fullest and to provide her with the care she needs.  She does not need surgery but would benefit greatly from ongoing therapy such as laser, supplements, acupuncture, and/or underwater treadmill.  This is an amazing puppy who has proven to be a survivor. She is a petite little girl at 63 lbs but her capacity for love is huge.  Due to her orthopedic issues, a home with lots of stairs would NOT be suitable for this little darling.  If you are interested in adopting or fostering please contact Laura at


    ***This precious girl just went to her fantastic new forever home in Chicago!***

Kevin needs your help to live! *Goal Met*

I'm Kevin, I need your help so I can grow up

We have been contacted about a young Berner puppy with a Portosystemic Liver Shunt. He needs surgery to repair it and the family can not afford the $5,000 quoted at MSU. The breeder is willing to help by refunding the purchase price and the family can help so they can come up with a total of at least $1,500 of the costs but need help with the rest or he may be euthanized. Or he could be given to our rescue to absorb the cost and the adopt him out. His family deeply loves him and wants to do what is best what ever will allow him to live, even if that means giving him up.

I’m trying to arrange a form of donation to help raise the $3,500 still needed. If you can help please contact me at
April has set up an account to help with Kevin’s medical emergency, the 16 week old Berner boy needing liver surgery. The site is
We’ve received several commitments already for donations so this will make it easier to help donations. The will go to the HMBMD Rescue, Inc’s account and then will be sent to MSU when the surgery is scheduled. Your support is deeply appreciated by Kevin’s family. If you prefer to write a check, yo can send it to us at
Heart of Michigan Bernese Mtn Dog Rescue
Bruce & Linda Whiteside
1063 Legault Blvd, Ortonville, MI. 48462
When I agreed to try to help, this is what I got in response. I asked that he be entered into Berner-Garde, and he not be bred.
We appreciate any help that you can give. We will be happy to get the DNA test done and planned on getting him neutered anyway’s. And for some reason if the surgery does not happen of course we would want the money to go to another Berner. We can’t believe that there are people so willing to help with our babies troubles. Thank you for all your help.Melanie
UPDATE 4/26/14
Thanks to everyone we have reached our goal!! April added the check we received and we are even a little about the mark! WOW!!!
Berner people are the most caring we have ever been involved with. We are humbled know there are so many out there willing to help a family trying to save their little guys life. I’m proud to have been a part of Kevin’s recovery.
Since we have reached our goal and some of yo may have placed to donate but did not get the chance. Please save it for the next little one that needs help. Kevin’s care is covered. So until we can close the site we have met our goal. If you still want to help Berner in need, I’m sure regional Berner rescue’s could use your help. Here is a list from the site. rescues can always use your help.
Thank you everyone!!
Heart of Michigan Bernese Mtn Dog Rescue
Bruce & Linda Whiteside, Michigan
Web Site:

Clyde – Adopted!!!

This handsome boy is Clyde.  He is approximately 4 years and is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet.  He ADORES people and is great with kids!  Clyde is great with female dogs and needs a fenced in yard with a 6 ft fence.  He is neutered, heartworm negative, microchipped and up to date on his shots.  This is an AMAZING dog!  Clyde currently has an adoption pending, he hopefully will be going to his new home soon!

Rugger, needs help with his new home

I've got a lot of love to give still!!

ADOPTED!!!!  3/23/14

This is a courtesy posting for his owner and not part of our rescue program. He is living near Indianapolis IN.

Posted 3-13-14
Rugger is a 90 pound 6 year old neutered Bernese Mountain Dog
Born February 27, 2008; Adopted October 2008 from the Hamilton County Humane Society
Updated on all shots, and given a clean bill of health on 2/13/14
Here’s Ruggers story;
When we first adopted Rugger, he was very sick. We worked closely with the Humane Society to get him back to good health. We tried crate training him in the beginning, but he did not do well with it at all. He would Houdini out of the crate all the time, and cry and scratch at the door. He eventually just became our house dog – lounging on the couches and our bed while we were at work. He is house broken, and is accustom to being inside for 8 hours a day without a bathroom break. He is a pretty lazy dog, except when we have a visitor at the door, or its time to eat, when you pick up his leash for a walk or when he really needs to go outside to potty after being cooped up all day. He LOVES food and has been a counter surfer since the day we got him. Don’t turn your back with food on the counter! He loves to go on walks, but can pull at times. He use a gentle leader for our walks.
He is great with kids, and has never ever shown signs of aggression. He is also very good with other animals, but can be too curious with them, usually resulting in the other animal becoming annoyed. His favorite thing in the world is to petted, and sometimes thinks he is a lap dog. He does not love being outside, and will usually just sit/lay at the door or window until you let him in.
We are looking for someone who has the love and time to give to our sweet Beast. Our family is quickly growing (two kids and another one on the way), and he just do not have the time, patience or space for everyone. (Or the energy for the constant hair clean up!) We will require that he go to a fenced yard, with a real fence, sorry not the invisible le shock type.
Yep, I'm ready to go!
For more information or to enquire about adoption please e-mail