Fostering a Berner

Would you make a good Foster Family?

Foster families are very special people who are willing to work with a Berner who may have been abused, or never properly socialized and prepare them for their forever home.  Many have medical issues that require trips to a vet (sometimes far away) and managing treatment that could take up a lot of your free time.  But, you are helping change the life of the Berner and it is tremendously rewarding work.

As a result, we have some special requirements for our foster team. If you are willing and are capable to perform the following, you could be an excellent foster family:

Foster Care Givers agree to feed and house the dog, evaluate its health and temperament, and provide necessary care for the dog as determined by the rescue medial team.

In this partnership, the Rescue shall:

Reimburse the Foster Care Giver for the documented expenses incurred in connection with providing medical care to the dog so long as Foster Care Giver complies with the obligations in paragraph 1 above.”

The medical care for the Foster Dog will be paid by the HMBMDR Inc. A monthly food supply or reimbursement (up to $50) is provided.  Fuel reimbursement for travel is provided. Training (classes or private) is reimbursed with approval.  Other expenses as approved.

Are you interested?  


(If submitting a general foster application, please type ‘any’ for the dog’s name.)