Magnum has come into foster

javascript:void('','Photo1','height=660,width=778,left=20,top=100,screenx=200,screeny=100,scrollbars=yes')) Came into foster on Jan 28th. Magnum aka, Mags, is a 2 year old intact male that is extremely malnourished and is about 30 pounds underweight. He will be neutered in mid February when we get some weight back on him. He was said to be very shy but after spending a few days with him and learning his history, we think he will be able to outgrow most of it. Mags was kept at his breeder until he was about 16 months old and never saw grass just dirt, and never got to run or play. He was taken from there to a home but spent much of the net 8 months in the yard or basement. So he has never been shown the world of made to be part of a family.

I need a high fence

He is reserved of new people but within an hour of bringing him her he was nibbling my nose and nudging for more pets. He prefers women to men but seem to like his foster dad. Magnum will take any opportunity to eat a sock, towel or similar item if given a chance. It might be due to his starving for some time or may be a habit he has picked up along the way. He has no training, and we are working on crate training to keep him safe.

Mags is affectionate, gentle and get along with other dogs and cats. He was with children and reportedly did well, but we can not evaluate that here, as we have no children to test him with. He will need a home willing to explore the world with him at a pace that will not overwhelm him. We think we are the first time he has been a part of a family at all times and has enjoyed being in the middle of the pack and realized that the couch is a great place to snuggle.

Update 2/10-2010

Since Mags has been with us for 12 days and has gained 5 pounds. He has been tested for worms and heartworms, both negative. He has started getting his HW meds and his rabies shot. He will be neutered on the 15th or sooner. He has been doing well except he does not get along with just one of our dogs. They have fought several times without injury (so far). Our Bob started it the first time we think, but he does not back down and takes time to settle back down. Magnum is doing well with the crate training and traveling in the car. He is affectionate and loving but skittish. He has never been part of living on the same level as a family and is enjoying it. He will take any opportunity to steal food and watches Linda folding socks with great interest.

Update 2/15/2010

Mags got neutered today and is doing well. Prior to his neuter he was regularly getting out of our yard by going over our 4.5 ft fence. So like Mojo, Mags will need at least a 5 foot fence. He has discovered has has muscles and is using them running in the yard. He is so long when he stands on his rear legs his chest is already to the top of the fence. His hips are filling in with the extra food and exercise. He has put on about 10 pounds, and his coat is greatly improving.

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