Good Golly, Miss Molly!

I would like a quiet home, can you help me?

 ADOPTED!!!!     6/9/12

Molly will be 3 this April. She is spayed, up to date on shots, and gets along with other dogs. She is a bit timid and seems to be weary of hands over head or coming at her from above. She is a little overweight and isa slower eater and is easily distracted when eating. She just came into foster on 2/23/12. She is now starting to play with the other dogs. We think she never really played before, so she is learning. She is playing chase but is a little scared when it comes to wrestling. She is scared of loud noises abd will not do stairs more than just a few, She will dig if she gets bored. She also sometimes eats stool.Molly would do well with a friend to learn to be more confident and due to her timid temperament and likes to spend time outside, she will need an above ground fence. We think the shock style invisible fence will frighten her as will the sound type warning. She is housebroken and like to be petted and cuddle once she has become comfortable with you. She is starting here after just a few days.Update 3-12-12Molly has become very loving and seems to like us. She loves our Golden and they play regularly. Molly also loves the outside, she will stay out for hours in the yard. That is another reason she needs a fenced yard at her forever home.Update 3/20/12Molly really loves being outside and will stay out all day in the shade and chewing on her bone. She is very content doing that. Shy is still shy but likes us, she seems to be hesitant about coming in, we think in her old home there might have been negative reactions which is why she is hesitant. She wants to play when we go out to her, she pounces and runs wanting us to chase her. She will do OK as an only dog but likes some company in the yard and will play with the golden as long as the others leave them alone.UPDATE 4/26/12: Molly has become a very happy girl and fits in well. We have come to the conclusion that she LOVES being outside. She is just happy out there. She plays with Abe and T-Bone, especially “T”. She wants and enjoys attention. She is not really that shy, she likes women but has become very attached to me.and want my attention. I think I am her first nice man and she, like Abe are finding the male attention new and enjoyable.Grass!! It just does not get any better!

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