Abe, clueless and cuddly


I'm a very nice boy. I just get into trouble sometimes!

Adopted!!! 5/10/12 He now lives in Connecticut with his new Golden brother.

UPDATE 4/26/12 Abe is doing great. We have found toys that he CAN play with and not eat or destroy. He has really enjoyed being part of our family and getting attention when ever he wants it. We think that is new for him. He loves to play with T-bone, Molly and Charley our Golden. He still gets bored and will find something to chew on, so we have bones and such fo him to use. He will grab a pillow off the couch and take it outside to play tug with, so we have to “trade-up” to get it form him. Abe is a very loving boy and has really warmed up to me (Bruce) wanting to be with me all the time.

UPDATE 4/5/12 Abe definitely needs a home that can be completely puppy proof. He WILL eat/swallow things if given ANY opportunity. For this reason he should not go to a home with kids or laxidasical (like us) house keeping. He will very quickly grab anything he can swallow. If not controlled he WILL end up killing himself by eating something. When he can here his old owner said he had vomited up 4 kids socks, then that night here he did a 5th and 4 day later pooped out the matching sock. So 6 socks in just 1 day! He will just need a home that will give him the time he wants to be part of a family and a close eye if he gets bored. If he got lots of excersize her most likely would be tired and not get into as much trouble. He does like hard bones and hard toys, balls, soe he can have things to play with.

Abe turned 1 on March 15 and is still all puppy. He’s a big boy that has no clue on his size. He needs some basic training on rules and manners. He was given up because of these things and we are sure they can be easily corrected. In his old home we believe he was very bored with nothing to do because of the young children and his clueless of his size. He got into trouble being too rough and excited with small kids. He even ran through a invisible fence to grab a child’s fur coat wanting to play but scared the child and parents. Seeing a big black dog come running would concern anyone. He has been here for 4 days and is already dong better because he has playmates and has something to do. He is ver sweet and cuddly, wants to crawl on your lap, so you will need a lap that can support 110 pounds of love.

Abe will need a home without small kids or a home that in not puppy-proof. He will eat socks, towels, stuffed toys, at least he has in the past, maybe he was bored, maybe not. He will need an above ground fence since he has run through the invisible style. He will also need a friend to play with. He loves other dogs and plays well. He is crate trained, house broken and knows a few commands. He will grab food given the chance, also paper napkins or the like. He is very family orientated and likes to be in the same room, like most berners do.

Come on! I'll play with ya!

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