Wynn, Big man, Big heart

How can you refuse me??

Adoption Pending

Wynn (Wynnie) is a very big boy at 130 pounds, neutered and is about 18 months old. He is in good health with no known health issues.
Wynn has confidence and shyness issues which he has turned into possessiveness and protectiveness of his home and owners. Wynn needs a less active home with non-dominate dogs, as he will most likely end up the dominate one. He loves to play with our young guy and gets along with everyone after settling in after introductions. He may be more reactive to males than females. Work with positive reinforcement and lots of treats will help Wynnie accept new people. He needs a strong leader/owner, but understanding to a shy/reactionary dog. Wynn has great potential to be a fantastic companion. He had a fear of some noises and actions as many dogs do with less confidence. However, he does not have a problem with storms.
Due to his history with people and some dogs, Wynn will require an above ground full fenced yard without exception. An “invisible” shock style fence will adversely affect his temperament and make matters worse.

UPDATE 5/10/10

Wynnie is a very lovable boy and is doing well. He is all puppy still but in a large body. He thinks he is small but the paw print on the top of our sliding glass door at the frame tells different. Very happy when in his comfort zone. Wynn needs a home with another dog he can play with and keep up with him. He is the first to stop so a dog that can play rough for about 10 minutes at a time is good. He likes me (Bruce) but he loves his women when he gets attached. He is a very loyal boy, and a lot of fun. He is very exuberant when coming home and jumps up wanting attention and sometimes play nips.

       Wynn needs somone that can except him at his pace, not a lot of visitors or someone willing to work with a trainer to work him through his insecurity of strangers coming into his home

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