Sierra needs some love

Very nice older dog (7 y/o) who has had no formal training but a good background on basics of sit and walking on a leash. GREAT apparent health for a 7 yr old…very physically sound appearing. Our concerns are only that she really needs to learn to accept people in her home! She has potential to be a fear biter if handled wrong. She growls and barks and looks generally menacing when you first arrive but does have a good recovery time. Once she settled down she was very very friendly. Other things I saw/tested and info I got: Reasonable pain and manipulation tolerance – should be OK with medium to older kids…maybe even young kids. should take all logical training well but won’t handle a rough hand/highly negative training techniques Loves other dogs,did well with our test dogs. Sierra rushed over to meet and play. Owner occasionally takes her to local dog park where she is very social unless “dogs want to hump her…she doesn’t like that”. Greets dogs with minor submissive mouth licking, tail slightly down, some minor crouching goes quickly into minor play bow and invites. Owner works her on choke (which we do not recommend) but I think with some minor training she will be easy to control on a flat buckle collar. She is very eager to please and listen to anyone. As indicated some minor insecurity that may get worse initially with a transition. This is a one owner dog since Sierra was 7 weeks old. Shots are not confirmed as up to date. No real serious flea control has been done. Heartworming is also questionable. Grooming has been very reasonably kept up on. Coat in good health, no mats, nails need trimmed. She is a bit foot shy but if you insist she will let you work with her feet without resistance. Housebroken, crate familiar. Raised for four years with a Pomeranian …good with little dogs but sometimes plays a bit rough. Spayed, loves car rides, takes food from hand well but could use some better manners here … no obvious food aggression. Because of Sierra’s issue with new people, she will require an above ground, physical fence. NOT the invisible, shock type, as this will make her more fearful.

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