Oso needs your help and understanding

I'm so cute, I can't stand it!

Went back to old owner as of 10/4/13

This gorgeous boy is Oso.

    Oso is not part of a program and this is a courtesy posting for his owner.
He has had a very confusing life and needs someone to see if he can live the rest of it happy and safe. Oso is 3.5 and started life as a pet store puppy most likely from a puppymill. It was not his fault he was separated from his mother and siblings too soon so he never learned important lessons from them. then he was brought into a loving home but busy lives never got around to training him as he should be and did not learn his place in the family order. He is neutered but his v early vet supplied by the pet store never treated his suspected food allegories so he continues to suffer from itchy pays, ear infections and get hot spots. Because he is so uncomfortable he has become grumpy and may have some orthopedic issues also yet undiagnosed. He get self protective at the vets so he does not get a good exam because of him acting aggressive. We think because of his issues and not feeling well is a major component of his history of snapping, of which he has broken skin several times.
OK, lets get some ice cream!!

He is reactive with touching his paws, ears and tail. All could be from the underlying issues. What Oso needs is a home or foster home wiling to take on his challenges to see if he can be saved from himself. We have advised a grain free, fish based food source kibble to help, but to add to his dilemma, his family has had to move to an apartment and the addition of a new born 2 legged baby. So things are really stacked against Oso, but we believe there is underlying potential in him to give him a chance. With the right experienced family he may be able to out grow his unacceptable behavior. He is sweet with his owner and prefers female to males. Likes other dogs, and if left alone he warms up to new people that do not try to force themselves on him. Per his owner, “after 5 minutes if the ignore him he is ready to get on their lap.”

    Please contact us if you would like to discuss Oso to better understand his issues and we can put you in contact with his owners. He currently lives in the Chicago area.
    Due to his history Oso will require an above ground physical fence and even though he seem to like children, we do not think he should go to a home with them because he has bitten his 11 year old housemate he loves, while being brushed. We think she his a sore spot, but we are not willing to risk the injury of another.

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