Kevin needs your help to live! *Goal Met*

I'm Kevin, I need your help so I can grow up

We have been contacted about a young Berner puppy with a Portosystemic Liver Shunt. He needs surgery to repair it and the family can not afford the $5,000 quoted at MSU. The breeder is willing to help by refunding the purchase price and the family can help so they can come up with a total of at least $1,500 of the costs but need help with the rest or he may be euthanized. Or he could be given to our rescue to absorb the cost and the adopt him out. His family deeply loves him and wants to do what is best what ever will allow him to live, even if that means giving him up.

I’m trying to arrange a form of donation to help raise the $3,500 still needed. If you can help please contact me at
April has set up an account to help with Kevin’s medical emergency, the 16 week old Berner boy needing liver surgery. The site is
We’ve received several commitments already for donations so this will make it easier to help donations. The will go to the HMBMD Rescue, Inc’s account and then will be sent to MSU when the surgery is scheduled. Your support is deeply appreciated by Kevin’s family. If you prefer to write a check, yo can send it to us at
Heart of Michigan Bernese Mtn Dog Rescue
Bruce & Linda Whiteside
1063 Legault Blvd, Ortonville, MI. 48462
When I agreed to try to help, this is what I got in response. I asked that he be entered into Berner-Garde, and he not be bred.
We appreciate any help that you can give. We will be happy to get the DNA test done and planned on getting him neutered anyway’s. And for some reason if the surgery does not happen of course we would want the money to go to another Berner. We can’t believe that there are people so willing to help with our babies troubles. Thank you for all your help.Melanie
UPDATE 4/26/14
Thanks to everyone we have reached our goal!! April added the check we received and we are even a little about the mark! WOW!!!
Berner people are the most caring we have ever been involved with. We are humbled know there are so many out there willing to help a family trying to save their little guys life. I’m proud to have been a part of Kevin’s recovery.
Since we have reached our goal and some of yo may have placed to donate but did not get the chance. Please save it for the next little one that needs help. Kevin’s care is covered. So until we can close the site we have met our goal. If you still want to help Berner in need, I’m sure regional Berner rescue’s could use your help. Here is a list from the site. rescues can always use your help.
Thank you everyone!!
Heart of Michigan Bernese Mtn Dog Rescue
Bruce & Linda Whiteside, Michigan
Web Site:

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