Chaplin (Chappy) needs to have a home where he is part of the famiy

Can I come live with you?
ADOPTED!! 11/16/13
Chappy life has been difficult. His family left him to their parents after the loss of a child to cancer and fond it too difficult to stay in Michigan. So Chappy has spent the last few years tied outside and not part of a family. He will turn 4 on 1/5/14, he is neutered and up to date on shots and micro chipped. He is OK on a leash but needs more training and will need to be reacclimated to being inside. He understandable gets excited around people that want to see him, likes people, other dogs and cats. He has a lower caning that has been fractured and is doing fine but may need it removed if it ever gets to be a problem. He is currently not is foster as we are working on a foster home. His owner is needing surgery soon so he needs to be in foster before the weather e the outside but it sure would be nice to spend time with people!
I love to spend time with you and become a family

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