Bunson and Trina are Best Buddies!

We are surprised that Bunson (Bunny) and Trina have become best friends. Trina is more than able to put up with his antics and Bunson even allows Trina to beat him up when wrestling. He will lay on his back and let her win. They tear around the yard taking turns chasing each other and are often together sharing a stick or bone. These two would go great together! Bunson would be a great source of confidence for Trina by setting an example for her.

Trina has really come out of her shell around us, me (Bruce) especially. She is so happy to see us and when she is waiting to come in she is bouncing like spring. Her feet will be over a foot off the ground, ALL 4 OF THEM!! Both are quite comical and loving. Trina has started greeting us on the bed in the morning with kisses, she is very sweet. Bunson just plops down so we are woken with an “ooooff”, and cuddling.

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