Bodie, Berkley and Parker


Like my blue eye?

              All 3 of these dogs are ADOPTED!!!

Bodie came from IL and went directly to his new home in a pre-arranged home. He got to us with the help of several people willing to drop what they were doing and bring him all the way to us. Bodie is shy of men but will adapt with understanding and patience. He is a hansom boy that is about 18 months old. His old owner had to relocate and could not keep him with them. He is adjusting well going on lots of trips in the car with his new Mom and new buddy, Rockey.

Berkley has been with us a month, was intact and again, not to sure of men. She will turn 1 on Christmas day. She was returned to her breeder because, again the family had to relocate and could not take her. Berk was going to go to a home that we had placed with before but due to medical emergency reasons, the time was not right for adding another dog and not have the time for her. So she became available. The very next day we were contacted about an 8 month old boy named Parker. We arranged to get him that day, again with assistance of helpers. He was on craigslist and we wanted to make sure he did not fall into the hands of someone that might not have his best interests in mind. His owner had just gone through some hard times and wanted what was best for Parker and agreed to work with us.


I'm just so darn cute! Berkley

When asking for help in transport of Bodie and after it was underway, we were contacted by the family that adopted the 2 older heartworm infected dogs a few years ago, Eli and Caleb. Eli passed this spring. They were interested in Bodie but he was already on his way to his new home. So when we found out about Parker, I contacted them to see if he might fit. The timing was perfect and they wanted to adopt both Berkley and Parker. We could not ask for a better, caring home. So on Oct 26th, they will start their trek to Kansas with the help of a very dedicated helper, willing to drive them all the way to  IL.

All these dog are an example of why we need to have applications on file. When the dogs don’t need much if any evaluation time, the placements go quickly, as they had homes prior to coming into foster or placement on this list. THis is why we advise to send the application, keep us updated that you are interested. The more we know about a home, the more we can understand what you are looking for and what will fit your lifestyles. When filling out the applications, feeel free to add any thing that will let us know you better. Picutres of the yard, playmates, all help us.

I'm going to be one good lookin' guy!Parker is going to be a very good lookin’ boy.


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