Penny and Blossom

Penny got ADOPTED!!!!!  4/14/13

   Penny is a very sweet girl who likes to be the center of attention.  She loves to cuddle, snuggle and really wants to please.  She loves a good belly rub and will snuggle right up to your hip on the couch.  She is very smart and learns new commands quickly, although as she’s still a puppy so she needs to be reminded frequently.  She is eager to learn and would benefit from training classes but does know some commands, i.e. sit, wait, come, off.  She has displayed no food aggression and is food motivated, so treats work well with her. Although she can be defensive when she has a bone to chew on.  A person can take it from her, but she doesn’t want another dog to have it even when she’s not chewing on it she feels it’s hers.  Penny likes to play with toys and will play a little bit of fetch.  She still chews a lot and figured out how to unwind a braided tug rope.  She likes our whole family but seems to be more attached to Jenny.  There are some problems with walking on a leash, but with the correct patience and time she will improve.  She has had no problems with the two cats in our house and frequently wants to lick them and play with them.  She loves our 14 year old son, although we’re not sure how she’d be with younger children.  Other dogs are okay, although she has had some dominance issues with the other female dog in our house.  She has had no problems whatsoever with Moby and they love to play and wrestle even though he is twice her size.  She is crate trained for when we leave the house.  When we are home, she is usually laying at your feet or will follow you from room to room.  She has been sleeping on the floor in our room.  She will lay on the bed while we read or watch TV but as soon as the light is turned off, she knows it’s time for her to sleep on the floor.  We think she may have Border Collie in her based on the shape of her nose, her tail and her size.  She has no problem eating but doesn’t seem to be getting any bigger.

UPDATE 1/21/13     PENNY    Penny is ready for her new home. She has been doing great and is very affectionate. She does have occasional conflicts with some female dogs, so she would do better with a male canine companion. He is learning some basic commands and is a smart girl. There is a chance that Penny and Blossom may have some Aussie in them, or maybe just poorly bred Berners, hard to tell. THey are very “Berner like” but also show some Aussie instincts. Penny is still all puppy and mouthy on hands. Like Gunny, she wants all the attention for herself for the same reasons we expect. Penny is still guarded with new people, especially men, so she needs time to warm up to visitors.

Blossom has ben ADOPTED!!! 1/27/13

Blossom Update 1/21/13; Blossom ia also ready to go to her forever home. She is still skittish around new people and will needs a physical fence to keep her safe if she gets frightened but will warm us if given her space to do it at her pace. She loves other dogs and is very attached to her foster family. Good with housebreaking and has learned a few commands. Both Penny and Blossom should attend a obedience class to give them confidence with new events and learn to listen when needed. Blossom and Penny’s foster home will make the final approval of the new homes as they know what they need and give us the parameters on the home style to look for. Blossom may have a home as several people have visited her and want to adopt her.

Penny and Blossom are about 6-7 months old girls. Very active and very loving. They both are surprisingly very, very sweet even-though the breeder they came from never even bother to name them. They had been kept outside and not much interaction with people, but now love getting attention. They had not been to the vets before but are now up to date on shots and as of 1/3/13, both with have been spayed. They need training and their foster homes are working on house-training. Both are doing very well. Both are a little shy of men, as we expect, males have not been nice to them in the past. Both are warming up to all members of the foster homes. They do not need to go together and were too dependant on each other so they were separated. Both get along with other dogs. They have been treated roughly this first stage of their life so they will need patience and love, but have the potential to be wonderful companions. They will need fenced yards and need to attend training clases. Applications can be found under the adopting tab.

I'm Blossom. Yes, I have a butt, and know how to use it!
I'm Penny. See my white socks!

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