Helping Berners Find Forever Homes…

She was adopted from our rescue...

Daisy was adopted from our rescue

 We’re glad you’ve found us! We are a resource for people with a special place in their heart for Berners.

To date we have assisted over 200 Bernese find forever homes and start a new life with a loving family that they deserve.

Of the dogs we have had come through the program, 10 have become therapy dogs, now assisting people with their own life issues. Several of these dogs were slated to be destroyed due to aggression.

We have had dogs that were beaten, starved, barely walking, and dogs that could have walked out of the show ring, along with everything in-between.

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3 comments on “Helping Berners Find Forever Homes…
  1. Pamela Austin says:

    Thanks for the continued updates on Trina. She seems like a really nice dog that just needs a special home to bring out her personality. Do you have any more pictures of her? Thanks, Bruno’s Mom Pam

  2. Deb Crawford says:

    Do you still have my application? Have emailed you a couple of times with no response. Seems like most of the dogs go out of state.

  3. Brandon says:

    I am a little bit confused on your website. It appears it is not updated frequently and if I understand it right you read the recent article and thats the only dog that is available to adopt?

    I thought there would be a list of dogs, with pictures and a story to look at?

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