Maximus is really cool!

How can you not fall in love with me????

Adopted!!!!! 2-22-12

Maximus, AKA Max, is a very happy boy that needs a new home. He is a very compact but stocky boy and almost 4 years old. He seems ot love people and likes other dogs, although in the past he was reactionary to some new dogs he met. Good with kids, per his old family. He is intact and will be neutered on 2/16. He just arrived on 2/13 so he will be under evaluation while he heals from his surgery.

He seems pretty happy go lucky and wanted to play with me within an hour or so of arriving. He has not started playing with the other dogs yet, and did get into a fight that he did not provoke, but defended himself. He did everything a dog can do to avoid it. Since he is intact he has a tendency to make a lot. He marked inside his first night here, but stopped right away, but still waters every bush and tree in the yard. That should reduce as he gets more comfortable and after the neuter. He has climbed a cyclone fence so he will need to be watched when outside. He lived with another dogs and we think with a companion he may not look to get out. But that reason of getting out he will need an above ground fence, not the shock type underground type.

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