Ocoee, Sweet girl that needs a quiet home

4/19/12  ADOPTED!!!

Update 2/22/12 Ocoee blew her ACL and has now had surgery to correct it. So she is once again available, please contact the numbers below. Ocoee is now close to 2 years old.

Update 12/04/11, Ocoee has an injured knee and will need to be evaluated to see if any damage was done. So she will not be available until that has been determined.

Ocoee is not part of the HMBMD rescue program and this is a courtesy posting for the owner. The contact information to find out more about Ocoee is, Ann, e-mail is anncanoes@att.net phone; 616-866-7241

I'm so pretty, I like a quiet home without a lot of activity

Ocoee is a 20 month old girl, that is spayed and is housebroken. She does know some basic commands. She will do best is a quite home without small children. She is timid and needs an understanding family that will keep working with her on socialazation so she can become more outgoing in new situations. Due to her timid nature, for her security from running away from a stressful encounter, she will require a physical, above ground fence of at least 48 inches high. She is seeking a West Michigan home if possable so she can keep in touch and maybe she her from time to time.

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