Bella such a cutie

Am I cute or what!

Adopted on 3/17/12 

Bella is still available as of 2/15/12

Bella is 4 years old, exact date is unknown. She is a sweet girl that has been in several homes. She was rescued when she was 2 and lived in the new home for 2 years when they relocated and did not have as much room as she needed. Then got placed is a new home which was not ready for a new dogs as their current was terminal with cancer, so she came to us. She likes other dogs and would do well with a playmate. She is supposedly shy of men but warmed up to me in minutes and now we are best buds. She would love a home where she can cuddle next to you on the couch or bed. We think she was not made part of the family and more of “just a dog”. She loves being with her people. We prefer an above ground fence as an invisible shock style will scare her. She had not been to a vet in at least 2 years, maybe not since pupppyhood but is being spayed on 1/12/12 and getting all he shots. She has been checked for worms and heartworms and is clear.

Update, 1/17/12 Bella has turned into a very sweet girl, very loving and almost clingy. It is also confirmed that she needs a fence. She snuck out around us and off into the front yard. She then would not come and took off down the road. We did manage to catch her after about 10 minutes.

Dog!! Who’s a dog!

Update 2/15 Bella has really settled in here and is going to be hard to let go, she really loves us. She has gotten along great with our dogs and the new boy we just took in. She has learned to play with other dogs and seems to really like the company. If we did not alreay had our gang she would not leave, she is that special.

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