Chloe’s Rescue


Chloe backdropChloe (Berner-Garde #36930) came to us through the Heart of Michigan Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue run by Bruce and Linda Whiteside in May of 2008.  She was, as Bruce says, “shamelessly trolled” around at the annual meeting.  Chloe stole our hearts with her big brown eyes and happy demeanor; we were thrilled when they agreed to let her join our family.  We were looking for a friend for our then 18 month old Berner Remi, and we thought Chloe would fit the bill.  In the days that followed, Chloe let it be known that she is the queen of the house; Remi was, and still is, happy to let her be the ring leader.  She keeps Remi in line and reprimands him when he is not behaving in a way Chloe thinks a family dog should act!

Chloe is a devoted and affectionate member of the family. She listens and studies every move, and is by our side every minute of the day; from the time we wake in the morning until she stops by our bed each and every night.  She is true devotion!  Not only is she affectionate, but very attentive and intelligent.  Our daughter calls her the “Smarticle”!  She seems to know what’s going on long before we tell her.  We could not have asked for a better family member.

Chloe came with some health issues, mostly skeletal.  But these problems have never slowed her down.  Such willpower!  She will be the first one at the door to go for a walk or a ride and never complain about her everyday aches and pains.  Her drive and determination have been an inspiration to everyone in the family!  When we brought Chloe home, we felt that we were doing her a favor, but in the end, I think Chloe has enriched our lives far more than anything we have done for her.

Belly rubs and biscuits to you Chloe girl!  We hope for many more years with you Miss Sassy Pants!

Gene and Mona Williams

Goodrich Michigan

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