Trina is back in foster

Trina was returned today (2/26). It seems that one of the other dogs (lab/mix) started resource guarding, and started several fights. Trina being the larger for the first time, stood her ground which she never did here (because all ours are bigger than her). She was doing very well with the family, especially the woman of the house. She was shy around the husband, which we expected. She was playing and seemed happy. They also have a small dachshund and she got hurt in one of the scuffles. The older dogs are of course going to take priority, and no one wanted to see things escalate.

Things might have resolved themselves in time, but all of us did not want to take a chance of a dog getting hurt, or it causing further damage to Trina’s shyness issue. We think that she still needs a predominantly female household as far as humans go, but maybe a male playmate would suit her best. Trina, we could see really liked Nancy in the new home and wanted her attention when she brought Trina back. They had made a great bond in the short week she was there. That part was very encouraging!

Part of our program ensures that if the placement does not work out for any reason, the dog can come back to rescue, in fact that is part of the adoption agreement. We are disappointed that it did not work out, because the home is a perfect home for her.

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