Trina has gone to her new home!!

Trina is spending her first night in Linwood with her new family. 2/18/09

We are keeping our fingers crossed that all works out OK. She has a big fenced yard in the woods, with 2 smaller buddies to play with, and a quiet setting way off the road. We were very proud of her on how she reacted to the new home. We took Colin and Bob (her best friends here) to show her thing were OK. We spent about 3 hours introducing her to the house and yard. She enjoyed running around as we checked out the whole fence. She took treats from Karen and Brian, her new parents. She would not take things from us when she first arrived.

She let both adults pet her before we left and was doing much better than we thought she would. We are waiting for an update to see how she did after we left. We hope she is a happy there as she was here.

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