Seeker has come into foster

Hey, I'm not so skinny!


Seeker was born on May 1st, 2010. He is a lanky boy that has not had a lot of experiences in his short life. He was kept in a very confined area without much exercise and when his owner was injured in a bad fall he got even less. So his owner decided he was more that she was able to do at the time and gave him to rescue. He is shy, due to lack of socialization but will adjust to new people in a short time. He is learning how to play and that he can have a larger life that his previously confined one. He was moving hip rear end an limping on his front leg, so we had x-rays done to see if he was dysplastic and nothing obvious was evident. It was determined that because of his lack of muscle and having to cope on a slippery floor his tendons are shorter on one side and should stretch to normal with exercise and a little easy Therapy.

He is a sweet boy that we have become attached to, he at first self contained himself to a small area between out table and hutch. He now lays in the living room and has discovered how nice dog beds are. Because of Seekers limited chances at life we want him to be able to take advantage of his widened world and want him to go to a fenced yard where he can get the exercise and his pace along with walks and play time.

Seeker is neutered and up to date on all shots. Because of his shyness we do not recoment a home with children under 12.

AHHhhhh…. Soooo ¬†MUCH better than a hard floor!

UPDATE 1/8/11

Seeker has put on some decent muscle playing with our gang. He legs, hips and shoulders are definitely larger and his walking in much improved as he is becoming fit. He has developed an affinity for stuffed toys and a few other items, he has eaten. So no stuffed toys for Seeker without constant supervision. He ate part of one before I could get to him and he was right in front of me. He has also eaten a pillow off the couch and some unmentionables. So this secures that her got to a home with no young children. Otherwise he will assuredly end up at the ER.
UPDATE 1/27/11
Seeker is still available and we are actively interviewing adoptive homes. Seeker’s tendency to eat things has continued. So he will have a few mandatory home requirements. They are a above ground fenced yard, no young children that can leave toys or ingestible objects around (as much as is possible), willing to take him to a “positive reinforcement” style obedience class and preferably a playmate that he can rough house with.. This will help in in confidence and socialization that the needs.

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