Bernese/Aussie mixes

I need a home
Aren’t I cute! Do you want me?
Cass, Alpine (AL), Ridge & an ugly guy (me)

As of 12/18/10 All  have been adopted .

We are taking in some Berner/Aussie mixes. Mom Was an Aussie and Dad was a Berner. They are 10 weeks old and were from an Amish breeder that thought they would be a nice mix, but did not sell as he had hoped. We are getting in 4 males, 2 have very Berner-like markings and 2 have thinner blazes, but everything else looks like a Bernese. The dad was of average size, so we don’t know how big they will get. We are thinking the 60-70 pound range, but could go either way. They will be in foster most likely Sunday. They seem a little overwhelmed with new things, so they will need to got to homes without small children. They are estimated at least 15 pounds right now. They become outgoing after a short adjustment to new things, but are still very impressionable to scary things. They will need to be socialized and trained as any puppy needs at this age. Please contact us for any additional information.

UPDATE 11/30

All the boys have been neutered, shots and frontline. They have roundworms and are being treated.  I think Alpine (AL) is the smartest and most dominate of the 3. He has asked several times to go out by pawing at the door, he also is actually, deliberately lifting his leg at 11-12 weeks! I don’t know what that means, but find it interesting. He like to come up on my lap and seems to be the most distressed when left alone. Actual weight at the vets was 16.7

     Ridge seems the sweetest, and still most outgoing. He is the largest at 19.8 His ears are slightly shorter and has the narrower muzzle. He also will jump up to be picked up on my lap. Ridge and AL play all the time together so a buddy would be great for them.
    Cascade (Cass) is more independent, with play in the group and by himself. He is 19.5 pounds. He has the most Berner look of the 3 and more of the Berner temperament but also a temper. He seems a little skittish still but loves his brothers and all 3 will go tumbling while playing.
    All do not act at all that they had surgery yesterday, running and playing. They all love toys now and carry around the squeak and grunt ones as their favorites. Seeing no issues with the neuter they are ready to go.
    Cass went to his home in Indiana, AL went to a home in Michigan and Ridge went to Ohio.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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