Ringo Needs a home

Please give me a chance

ADOPTDED: Ringo is not part of the HMBMD Rescue, this is a courtesy post for his foster mom.
Ringo is a 1 1/2 year old neutered male Bernese Mountain Dog. Who was raised by a family of 4, who loves long walks, and attention. He does suffer from slight hip dysplasia. He also displays strong aggression towards other male dogs, but with proper training could make a great family pet as an only dog or possible a female. He has been reactive to other dogs but once in his family, he does well. Ringo shows resource guarding and food aggression in the past. He has done well accepting taking of his food to get used to not getting his way. Ringo needs someone that is experienced with temperament training dogs.
Because of his past we do not recommend a home with male dogs, children under 15, and he will required an above ground fence, not the electric shock style. It would make his reactionary problems worse.
For more information contact: Any questions feel free to call Kathy at 419-308-6400 or you can e-mail her at kathyske@yahoo.com

Bernise (Nisey), What a sweetheart!

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