Bernise (Nisey), What a sweetheart!

 Adoption Pending

Bernise (Nisey) is a 3 year old girl that was given up due to health issues of her old family. A beautiful dog with a great disposition. Bernise loves everyone. If you look deep into her eyes, you can see right into her heart, and she will make you melt.
She was sold at a pet store when she was 5 months old. She was taken to a veterinary hospital by her new owner and was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. The owner (person who purchased her) returned her to the pet store. Because of her size and age, she was not able to fit in a cage at the pet store. So, their options were either to euthanize or ship her back to the breeder. The pet store was reluctant to give her to anyone and just wanted to euthanize her because shipping her back to the breeder was costly. But, an employee at the pet store knew an animal lover who just happened to be a vet tech, which would care for her. So, they agreed to release her to the vet tech. Intentions on giving her a life-long home has changed due to an unforeseen illness. Bernise is a great dog. Good with other animals. She has lived with cats, birds and dogs. Great on leash even though she is 90 lbs, you wouldn’t even know she was. House trained, doesn’t chew on anything except her bones. She is very sensitive, needs a soft toned voice. She has some manageable allergies. Hip dysplasia has not slowed her down. Her X-Rays were reviewed by the head orthopedic surgeon at MSU and it was advised to do no treatment other than supplements at this time. So we started her on Glucosamine to start building her up. She may or may not need intervention in the future.
She has never been with toddlers, but loves small children and other dogs. We prefer a home with a above ground fence for her so she can play at will without having to worry about containment. Nisey is a very sweet girl that is a “Velcro” dog and will stay with her owner all day. It was reported that she has fear issues with some men, but has attached herself to me, like she has been here all her life.

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