Trina and Bunson would be GREAT together!

What? We're not doin' anything!

What? We're not doin' anything!

Trina and Bunson (aka, Bunny) are the best of friends and if possible we would like to see them stay together. They seem to help each other by being a team. Trina helps keep Bunson occupied and will put up with his rough housing. When Bunson gets bored he will start to look for something to do, which usually will be trouble. He will grab a towel, clothes or paper and look at you for your attention. He seems to know that will get it for him. He is so funny, it is hard not to laugh even though he is doing something wrong. Bunson does have a bad habit of counter

surfing and has started grabbing clothes when he gets excited. Sometimes he pinches skin when grabbing a sleeve.the big difference we see is in Trina. We think Bunny has really helped her accept new things and people.
We like to share

We like to share

In her old home she would go to a different level of the house to avoid people. Recently we had 14 people over helping put up a new fence, and she stayed in the dining room (although under the table next to Linda and I) and was taking treats from everyone!!! Bunson had no problem with the people and helped himself to a sandwich.

We will be working on finding a home where they can stay together. That home will require a real, above ground type fence. We will not be able to entertain a home for them without one, either together or separately.
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