Rugger, needs help with his new home

I've got a lot of love to give still!!

ADOPTED!!!!  3/23/14

This is a courtesy posting for his owner and not part of our rescue program. He is living near Indianapolis IN.

Posted 3-13-14
Rugger is a 90 pound 6 year old neutered Bernese Mountain Dog
Born February 27, 2008; Adopted October 2008 from the Hamilton County Humane Society
Updated on all shots, and given a clean bill of health on 2/13/14
Here’s Ruggers story;
When we first adopted Rugger, he was very sick. We worked closely with the Humane Society to get him back to good health. We tried crate training him in the beginning, but he did not do well with it at all. He would Houdini out of the crate all the time, and cry and scratch at the door. He eventually just became our house dog – lounging on the couches and our bed while we were at work. He is house broken, and is accustom to being inside for 8 hours a day without a bathroom break. He is a pretty lazy dog, except when we have a visitor at the door, or its time to eat, when you pick up his leash for a walk or when he really needs to go outside to potty after being cooped up all day. He LOVES food and has been a counter surfer since the day we got him. Don’t turn your back with food on the counter! He loves to go on walks, but can pull at times. He use a gentle leader for our walks.
He is great with kids, and has never ever shown signs of aggression. He is also very good with other animals, but can be too curious with them, usually resulting in the other animal becoming annoyed. His favorite thing in the world is to petted, and sometimes thinks he is a lap dog. He does not love being outside, and will usually just sit/lay at the door or window until you let him in.
We are looking for someone who has the love and time to give to our sweet Beast. Our family is quickly growing (two kids and another one on the way), and he just do not have the time, patience or space for everyone. (Or the energy for the constant hair clean up!) We will require that he go to a fenced yard, with a real fence, sorry not the invisible le shock type.
Yep, I'm ready to go!
For more information or to enquire about adoption please e-mail

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