Manny needs a home to love him

Adoption Pending

Manny is a super sweet 11 month old.  He was surrendered to our rescue because he was being mistreated by the male in the household.  Understandably, Manny is a little shy, especially with men, but he LOVES to be petted.  This lovely boy does well with cats and other dogs.  He needs a home with a  fully fenced yard (no shock collars!) and children over the age of 8yrs.    He needs to be allowed to adjust and learn to trust again and that not all men are mean. He is already overcoming his past by learning to accept men.
He came with tons of worms which he is being treated for.

Update: 6/8/10


I've had it rough, can you help me?


Manny is now crate-trained.  He’s a healthy, happy boy! He’s been treated for his intestinal parasites. He does great with other dogs now and would probably appreciate a nice playmate.  He’s sweet, a little shy, silly and definitely a puppy.  He will chew shoes but he likes to trade.  Has show zero aggression, and is just a goof.  He HAS to have a fun, positive, training class of some sort but that should be a breeze with him as he is very eager to learn.  He’s also house trained, knows sit, down, stay, shake, and touch.  He loves to play ‘tug’ and to snuggle on the couch.  If we didn’t already have a boy,he wouldn’t be up for adoption right now. 🙂  He’s done great with small children with experience who are 3yrs old and 5 yrs old. 
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9 comments on “Manny needs a home to love him
  1. Georgina says:

    We have wanted a dog for many years but waited till everyone was a little older. We love this breed and are hoping to adopt soon

    We have already fallen in love with Manny,but we have 2 cats and would like to know how he behaves with them.

  2. Ed says:

    I am very interested in giving Manny a loving home.
    Please email me if he still needs one.

    Thank you,


  3. Sarah Cranmer says:

    I am very interested in Manny! He is very handsome. I have downloaded a copy of the application and will be mailing it out tomorrow morning. We live in Ohio, we have 5+ acres, 2 kids and 2 other berners. He would fit in nicely. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. dawncheap says:

    iam interested in giving manny a home

  5. Scott Grewe says:

    HEllo we are looking to get a Bernese Mountain Dog and would love if we could help one out that needs to be adopted. Let us know if he or others are available as we are in the process of looking for puppies as well.

    Thanks, Scott Grewe

  6. christie says:

    My husband and I already have one berner puppy and I am currently helping my mother in looking for one who has retired and has a house with land and woods. Very interested in Manny. Please email any info. Thanks

  7. Lori Overmyer says:

    Is Manny still available? We have a Bernie we rescued, and my husband is softening toward getting another one. This breed is so much fun!

  8. payton says:

    hi my name is Payton and i was wondering how much your dogs are because i love Bernese mountain dogs and right now i am saving up to buy one but i only have 120 dollars. i am 11 years old and i would really appreciate if we could take about this more on email thanks so much!

  9. Bernice Cashman says:

    Hi there! I’ve just been introduced to you from our very dear friend and BMD Breeder from Reno, NV. I lost my 7 1/2 year old boy Lightning April 15 and we had gotten him a brother, Reno who is now 19 mos (we also have a 12 1/2 year old Golden)I still have not gotten over losing him so quickly, he was such an awesome boy. Well, anyway, Elke, our Berner friend is not having any luck this year with her girls’ having puppies! We really want to get a brother for Reno so they will be close in age and can play together. We don’t want Reno to get too much older before we get our next Berner (kind of like what we did with Reno for Lightning) I will fill out the application and send in to you. We live in Western NC, I checked, you are about 11 hours away from us.
    Bernice & Chris Cashman

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