Kia has come into foster


Kia is a 31 month old spayed girl, born on 3/11/08. She is AKC registered, but from an Amish breeder. She is lightly boned at about 80 pounds, nicely marked.

Kia is a shy girl that becomes stressed around small children. In her last home she hid under the bed for 4 months after the arrival of a new baby. For this reason we will not put her in a home with children under 8 years old. She is also timid around new people, especially men. It takes a little time to warm up but she will. She has only been here for 5 days, so we are still evaluating for a bit. Because of her fears, she will require a above ground fenced yard because if frightened she will not come and will run away.

10/22/10 update

After spending over a week with Kia, was have determined that she needs a quiet home with no children. She has trust issues with new things, and has to get reacquainted with people if they have been gone for a day or so. She is loving and likes to curl up on the couch with us and will sleep on the bed if invited. She will occasionally eat sox or the like if not watched.

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