Gracie needs a special home

This is a courtesy listing and not in our foster program. Please contact for more information.

I will be very good in the right home!

Gracie is 4 years old, in good health, current on vaccinations and heartworm preventative, and has no medical issues. Gracie was given to me because her previous family could not deal with her protectiveness of their special needs daughter which lead to Gracie biting a visiting child. She is protective of her family and would do best in a home without young children. Gracie prefers to be an only dog and has not lived with another dog until I started fostering her. She has displayed inter-dog aggression towards my family dog and other dogs over food, treats, toys, space, and my attention on several occasions. I feel it would be best for Gracie to go to a home where she is an only dog. I have been working to socialize Gracie and introduce her to new situations as much as possible. She is good with cats and other pets. Gracie is shy in public and aloof with strangers. She knows basic commands (sit, lay down, come). Gracie needs a fenced yard as she will wander if not contained. Gracie is very sweet and wants to please her people. I really want to find the right home for Gracie where she will flourish and be loved. She is a wonderful dog that I would keep if it weren’t for my family dog who is now terrified of her.

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