Bruno has had a rough few months

I'm thin, but getting better

Bruno has a new home!!!!

Bruno is staying here with us. We have several families wanting him and were great homes but we just got too attached, a risk when fostering. So Bruno will spend the rest of his days helping new fosters adjust to prepare for their new homes.


Bruno is a 7 year 2 months old boy that was rescued from a shelter. He was intact but is now neutered and is being treated for some intestinal issues. He knows some basic commands, is house broken. He has been tossed around a lot in the last several months, 3 homes and a shelter now here. We know little about his personality prior to coming to us, but he is very sweet and wants to be part of the family. He gets along with other dogs. Likes children. He has training and allowed run of the house. He is being treated for Coccicidia and almost done.

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2 comments on “Bruno has had a rough few months
  1. jenna says:

    he’s beautiful.

  2. Mike and Pam Martin says:

    What a handsome boy Bruno is! As Berner owners, we hope that someone will also see that in him and provide him a forever home. What a joy providing a forever home for those in need of love and care we have experienced ourselves. That which they have returned to us in love, appreciation and companionship is priceless. Three Berners and a Saint we have at the present time. Two of which were adopted. Five at this time isn’t possible for us, but our hopes are that there is that one special somebody out there for Bruno. Our best wishes go out to Bruno! And a big thanks to folks like you and your organization for that which you provide.

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