Bentley II

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ADOPTED!!!! 9/5/12

Bentley is a courtesy posting. He is currently in Cleavland Ohio. He is young, 1–2 years old found at a shelter. He will be neutered on 9/7. For more information call his foster Mom, Melinda at phone is 330-354-5138 and email is
He will be available around Sept 10th after neutering. A re-homing fee to cover medical costs will be required at time of adoption. Bentley is good with other dogs and people, he is children friendly. A fence yard is preferred as he was found at a shelter and may have run away prior.

Here are some comments fron his foster Mom:  I work at a community college near Cleveland in the Vet Tech department taking care of the animals they house for the labs (learning purposes only!) Two weeks ago we got our new round of dogs and cats for the year. I immediately fell in love with a Bernese mix we named “Bentley”. He is sweet, playful, kind, smart, and over-all a wonderful dog. He has been with me about two days now. He is a delight, very sweet, does not growl at any human we have come into contact with on (and there have been many since we live in the city) The only aggression I see in Bentley is towards my cat.

Donations can be made for Bentleys care at:

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