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Nova Needs a “Forever Home”

Nova has been ADOPTED This is a assistance listing, so Nova is not in our program. Here is her contact information: Hi, I’m a retired breeding girl that wants to be part of a family Nova is a very nice

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Gracie has a new home.

Gracie went to her new home today. We wish her the best in her new forever home.

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Gracie needs a special home

This is a courtesy listing and not in our foster program. Please contact for more information. Gracie is 4 years old, in good health, current on vaccinations and heartworm preventative, and has no medical issues. Gracie was given to me because

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Mocha has gone to her new home

Mocha now lives in Bloomfield, MI with 2 new Buddy’s and her new dad. She has a young Leonberger to play with and and older dog to supervise them. She is adjusting well and no, or very little signs of

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2 new dogs have come into foster, Samson and Mocha

We took in a 3 year old male and a 2 year old female, both with some temperament/personality issues. Samson, is a neutered 3 year old that has several fear and anxiety issues. He just came in on June 20th

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Beyla went to her new home

Rigel gives approval to Beyla’s new Mom & Dad Beyla went to live in Lexington KY with a new Berner Aussie Brother named Kodak. They both will have a nice fenced yard and get to tour the town and visit,

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Beyla needs a new home

Beyla is a 4 year old girl that has had a rough life so far. She needs a final forever home where she can just sprawl out and be happy. She is a nice sized girl at about 90 pounds.

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Rescue Report Winter 2010/2011

Rescue Report: February 2011                Written February 26th 2011            The last part of the year was busy, as we took in 4 dogs in December. 3 were small mix pups and another just 7 months old Then we took in a

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Rescue Fund Raiser Shirts & Mugs — ON SALE!!

with limited quantities. If these appear to be a popular item we will do additional printings. We currently have 170 assorted pieces and 24 mugs. With the permission of Patty Aarons and the artist, Kellie Oliphant-Burns  we have been given

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Heidi has come in, and gone to her new home

Heidi is a senior girl who will be 7 years old in May. She is 7 but you would never know it, she loves to play with toys and cuddle in bed. She has a habit of nibbling on cloth

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