Hugo’s Story

Rescue from Hugo’s point of view

Tail’s from the Heart,……….. Adoption updates…………. Hugo

My name is Hugo; I’m a Bernese mountain dog. I’m still a pup, and I love my life.
hugo1I live on a rustic farm; I’m told it is called “Amish”. I was born here, and I have a job now that I am growing up. I protect the sheep and the farm. There are lots of dangers, and I take my job seriously. I don’t go in the house but dogs belong outside to do their job.
I’ve been at this for a while now and I am good at my job. Uh, Oh,, those mean noisy things are out of their pen. They are going to hurt my sheep!! I must protect them! Here I go, got ya, and you and you!! HA, HA!! What!! Ow, ow, ouch…. ow, what did I do, why are you hitting me! Stop!! I don’t understand!
Where are we going? I don’t like the carriage. What is this place? Where are you going? Why are you leaving me?

My name is Hugo, I’m almost 2 years old, life is OK. I live on a farm; I have a job watching the farm and sheep again. This time the people have kids, a car and electricity. I even get to go inside with them once in a while. They want me to obey them and have taught me things. I really like the kids and a warm place to sleep. I guess I like this place. I want to do a real good job this time.
I’ve been here 2 months, and I think I’m happy. They seem to like me, although they don’t pay as much attention to me as they did at first. UH, OH, those things are out again (I learned they are called chickens), and around the kids!!! Must protect the kids!!!…….. Got ya!! Leave my kids alone…… got you too and you….. What?? Ouch, Ow, hey… ouch, don’t hit me….please!! Ouch! What do you want from me. I just don’t understand!
I don’t like the truck. Where are we going? Where are you taking me? What is this place? What does “Animal Control” mean? Why are you leaving me??? I don’t want to go in that cage!

My name is Hugo. Life sucks!! I‘m almost 2 years old and my life is over, I heard them talking, they said I can’t go to a new home because I have killed things. I didn’t do anything but my job, I don’t deserve this. Now I’m going to die for doing what I thought they wanted me to do. I don’t like it here, it’s cold, nobody cares about me here… except maybe that guy, he seems sad that I’m here. I don’t trust him.

I’ve been in jail for 5 days. The guy said he would help, but I’m still here, I’m gonna die here, I know it.

Who’s this guy? Leave me alone, nobody cares about me. Where are you taking me? I don’t like car rides, it only gets worse when it’s over. I don’t trust you, must get away!!! Damn, it didn’t work, I’m in the car. Here I go, I’m gonna die when we stop. Are we ever gonna get there, I hate car rides. What is this place, what is “McDonalds”?
WOW, what was that! That was great!! Wait; is that what they call a last meal? Am I gonna die now?

What is this place? Is this where they do it? He’s closing me in the dark, while he gets out of the car. Here he comes, here I go, it’s the end. Wait a minute, this is a house, not what I thought, and there are a lot of smells of other dogs here. Did they die here too?
Are those my brothers outside at the glass!!!! No, but they look like me. They seem to like me, I don’t trust them. The human seems to like them and they like him, what is going on?

I’m going outside, there is grass here, I can run, they are chasing me, wanting to play, I want to play! The guy is laughing, he acts like he won’t hurt me, but I don’t trust him, I like the way he rubs my shoulders and butt though. Who is this lady, the others seem to really like her, they call her “Mom”. She seems to want to see me, she seems OK. Now I’m really confused, what is going on?
They are feeding me really good tasting food, so that was not my last meal. I think maybe that guy at that place really did want to help me. I’m not going to die!!!

My name is Hugo, I’ve been here 2 weeks and it’s great! Except for that day I went with the lady to the doctor, and when I woke up, I was sore, down there, ya know? I looked and Oh my God!! What have they done??!! It’s much better now.

Who’s this lady coming to visit, why is she eyeballing me? She liked petting me and hugging me, she seemed OK to visit us, but I’m glad she’s gone, I was worried, because they kept talking about me while she was petting me. I really like it here, I feel safe for once.

It’s been a few more days and that lady that was eyeballing me is back. Things seem weird, the humans I live with seem sad. What is going on? I don’t want to go in the car with her!! I was good this time! I didn’t do anything wrong this time! I like it here, I don’t know what “foster” means………. you said you loved me……… I don’t trust anyone anymore, they lie, I thought I was “home”.

Here we go again, what is this place now? Is this where it all ends, and I die now? I’m scared again, no other dogs to play with here.

I’ve been her a few days now, it’s not too bad, I get the good food still and the lady is really fusing over me wanting me to come to her. I don’t trust anyone, but she really seems to want me to like her. She even slept beside me on the floor. I thought they used those high things to sleep on?

What’s going on, why are we getting into the car again? I’ll go, but I’m worried. What is this place, no houses or buildings, what’s a “dog park”? Is this the place where they do it, and I die? There are a lot of dogs and their humans here, none seem upset, maybe it’s OK.
Its fun here, I get to run around and meet other dogs and people, and nobody minds that we play. This is kinda cool! Uh oh!. Back in the car, back to the lady’s “house”. That was not so bad of a trip.

Here we go again, are we going to the park? I wanna go to the park! Hurray! We are here again. I like this. Back “home” again.
The lady wants’ me to call her “Mom”. That’s what they called the other lady a few weeks ago, it seemed OK, I can do that. After all she convinced me to come upstairs and get on the high thing she sleeps on called a “bed”. Wow, is that soft!

hugo-beth1We do a lot together, mom and I. I’m not worried about her hurting me anymore, I think “home” means “safe”, I like that. We cuddle a lot now, and it feels great! Mom tells me she loves me, and I think it’s OK for me to admit that I love her too. We sleep a lot on the bed now, sometimes it’s get too hot and I get down, but I really like it there and I know I am always welcome there. I feel safe again.

I’m on the bed and its bedtime. My name is Hugo. I’m a Bernese mountain dog. I’m in my mom’s arms…. (yawn)…
………………………I love my life….zzzzzzz..ZZZZZZZZ